Dear Student and Relatives,
I hope you had a wonderful summer and enjoy the tail as well.
We’re going to start the new season again and make great music! And I hope to have a nice and pleasant time again with a lot of musical fun and all kinds of new songs and other developments.

Here are a few more housekeeping notes:
• I set up Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to teach. I try to do this in such a way that everyone has their own fixed times that work out as best as possible.

On Saturday I make a schedule for the week. If you have to cancel or reschedule a lesson, please let me know before Saturday.
Know that I also need to be able to plan my work week and can’t afford to lose hours in it.

I have the rule that if lessons are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, I will put them on the lesson card, but I still feel like a brute if I do…
This season I’m going to stick to it though, so think carefully in advance if your week doesn’t go as planned. If you let me know before Saturday I will try to come up with a solution.

• This season everyone will get 1 “Wildcard”. That means that you can cancel 1 time, for whatever reason, without me charging the lesson.

• I like to keep my lessons not too expensive. I actually work below the price that is conform the union, because I think it is important that everyone has regularity and continuity in the lessons. In the new year I will only increase my tuition fees slightly to keep up with inflation.

• Another option is to pay the lessons per quarter of a year. Then we divide the lessons over 4 invoices.

Well, for now put rosin on the bow and let’s play!

My best regards,