Dear Student and/or relation,

I’m looking forward to Sunday and that we will all have a good time playing!

The children play first, then we take a break and then the adults play. You can listen to the other group, but you don’t have to.

Friends, neighbours and grandparents can also come and listen. Who knows, they might also want to contribute to the rent of the hall, so that we can do such a performance more often. I’ll put up a box for people to put something in.

You might like to bake cookies or something. I’ll provide lemonade during the break.

It’s going to be fun, practice a little bit more and see you Sunday!
Laurens Moreno

When: Sunday 22 May
What time: The children from 10:30 to 12:00 (Walk-in from 10:00 so we can tune the violins and start on time).
The adults from 12:00 to 13:00
Adress: Upper room of the Cameleon
Third Kostverlorenkade 35, 1054 TS Amsterdam

You can transfer the contribution for the rent of the room (about 10 euros) and the compensation for Sebastiaan if you play with him (30 euros), to my account.